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Customization ability

Jiadingsheng is a professional manufacturer of switch products. It manufactures and develops tact switches, DIP switches, rotary switches, rocker switches, LED illuminated switches, slide switches, toggle switches, metal switches, multi-function key switches and USB for customers. According to the different needs of customers, we develop products that meet customer requirements. Through the environmental protection of materials, we not only produce high-quality products, but also fulfill the social responsibilities of the company.

Technical support

In order to solve the technology required by customers in the development stage, Jiadingsheng has set up a professional technical service team. Whether it is product design suggestions at the initial design stage of the product or problem solving at the product application verification stage, our engineers will provide professional services And recommendations. In addition, Jiadingsheng also provides a variety of technical support services for the needs of different customers and product types.

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